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Empower your team to build longstanding customer relationships.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows your business to track and personalize each and every customer experience and touchpoint.

Give your team the ability to take customer requests from any channel, interact with multiple apps without losing content and improve their workflow and productivity.

Customer Service Data Sheet

What Dynamics 365 Customer Service can do for you

360 view of the customer

Get a complete view of your customers, including a full history of interactions, preferences and relevant information.

Shared experiences

Share customer information across channels to ensure a consistent service experience.

Real-time insights

Your service team can take advantage of real-time insights, service level agreement timers and entitlements so that every interaction is personalized.


Your employees gain the ability to navigate across multiple open customer service cases, ensuring consistency and efficiency across teams.


Portals leverage CRM authentication, security, user roles and rights and either local authentication or federated authentication through a variety of providers.

Tool optimization

Built-in AI dynamically guides your team to the right action. Use video chat, co-browse and remote assistance capabilities for the quick resolution of issues.

Enable your team

A dynamic interface optimized to drive the next best service action and contextually serve up tools, guidance and data throughout the interaction with the customer.

Improve efficiency

Boost productivity with business processes and workflow, integrated knowledge, scripting, entitlements and recommendations.

Case management

A single platform for customer service and field service, covering everything from case management through to work order completion.

Joesoftware can bring the Dynamics 365 Customer Service experience to you and your customers.

Joesoftware is ready to put Dynamics 365 Customer Service to work for your business. Your customers will thank you. We will understand your customer service processes and customize this solution to you.

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