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Understand the needs of your customers and win more deals.

Dynamic 365 Sales gives you a smart selling strategy with embedded insights from a highly adaptable platform with AI capabilities. It’s a solution that is designed to meet the needs of your organization and help your team increase their sales performance.

Your company can better understand your customers and build stronger relationships as Dynamics 365 Sales is the platform for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

What Dynamics 365 Sales can do for you

Accelerate sales

Sales Accelerator helps you move fast and stand out from the competition with a single digital workspace that has everything you need to stay focused and productive.

Build relationships

Integrate and view LinkedIn profiles and insights as part of account, contact, lead and opportunity records.

Leverage AI

Customize workflows with built-in, no-code AI to support accurate lead and opportunity scoring.

Predictive forecasting

Increase accuracy and shorten planning cycles by automatically supplementing forecasts with objective data-driven signals.

Monitor relationships

Keep track of relationships with interaction signal monitoring across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn.

Time efficiencies

Automatically capture customer emails and meetings based on Outlook data and other AI-suggested customer activity records.


Integrate multi-channel tools such as soft phone dialer, email templates, and contextual chat/channels to deliver a comprehensive sales experience.

Touch-point capture

Conversation intelligence automatically transcribes and analyzes customer conversations as well as emotion and sentiment.

Sales effectiveness

Meet your sales targets by setting goals, monitoring results and providing feedback and coaching in real-time.

Reports and dashboards

Integration with Power BI gives you quick insights about sales performance.

Joesoftware has the Dynamics 365 Sales experience you need.

Joesoftware is ready to put Dynamics 365 Sales to work for you and your sales team. We will take the time to understand your sales processes, and we will make sure your CRM Sales solution integrates with the rest of your business.

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