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As you consider how you will host your Dynamics GP ERP solution, there are a number of options available. Your business can:

  • Host on your own company’s servers, which is called On-Premise hosting.
  • Host through a partner via a third-party data centre. This is option is called Partner Hosted.
  • Host through a monthly subscription fee, which is called Subscription as a Service, or SaaS.

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On-Premise hosting is the more traditional method of setting up Dynamics GP, where you purchase the GP software and deploy or host it on your own company’s servers.

On-Premise is a good choice for companies that want full control of their data, and do not want to be reliant on a fast or stable internet connection for access your information.

This scenario has upfront costs for the software purchase and IT infrastructure, and requires ongoing server maintenance and backup.

Partner Hosted

In this model, Dynamics GP software is a capital purchase and GP is deployed or hosted on a cloud server located in a secure data centre managed by a third-party service provider.

With Partner Hosting, your system could be hosted on a server dedicated to your organization, or on a server that is shared with other businesses. Your company would access your Dynamics GP system through a secure internet connection, so a high speed, quality internet connection is a must.

This approach is a good choice for organizations that already own their GP software and pay the annual enhancement fees, but no longer want to manage the costs associated with IT infrastructure or IT personnel to maintain the system.

Subscription as a Service (SaaS)

This is the fastest growing option for hosting Dynamics GP, as it does not require the upfront purchase of the software.

By paying a monthly subscription fee, the software is “rented” and accessed through either a dedicated or shared server over a secure internet connection. As with the Partner Hosted approach, a quality internet connection with appropriate bandwidth is vital.

This option is perfect for small and/or new businesses that want to minimize upfront capital costs for Dynamics GP licenses, IT infrastructure and IT personnel.

Joesoftware can help you find the right hosting option.

If you aren’t sure what hosting option is best for you today and in the near future, Joesoftware can help. We’ll review your current resources and find out more about your future path, and give you recommendations on the best GP hosting option for your business.

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