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How to practically put AI to work for your Microsoft Dynamics organization

You’ve likely been hearing a lot lately about AI or artificial intelligence and how it could transform your organization.

You might be thinking – that sounds great, but for my small or medium sized business or nonprofit, using AI is still light years away.

Using AI to operate and grow your business may be closer than you think.

In a recent blog post from Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Judson Althoff, Microsoft shared how they are focused on developing responsible AI strategies and solutions that are pragmatic. In other words, how to tangibly and practically use AI to improve your operations and ultimately, grow your business.

Microsoft outlined the four areas of opportunity where AI can be put to work for your business:

  1. Enriching employee experiences with copilot technology.
    Recruiting the best and brightest and keeping employees engaged are challenges for every organization. Can AI help keep your team happy and productive? Microsoft 365 Copilot could help your employees save time on daily, routine tasks. It could generate reports and access insights that take considerable energy and effort from your team today. AI solutions could take away routine tasks and processes and free up time for your employees to do the work that’s more fulfilling and rewarding.

    Joesoftware can help you identify these routine processes and pain points and see how AI and other Microsoft Dynamics solutions could make a difference.

  2. Reinventing customer engagement with generative AI.
    Satisfied customers are key to any sustainable business. AI can make it easier for your customers to ask questions, get answers, and access enhanced data analysis to optimize their decision-making and performance. If you engage your customers and make it easier for them to do business with you, every part of your organization can be more efficient and successful.

    The Joesoftware team has extensive background in the business and nonprofit worlds. Working with you, we can evaluate your customer-facing processes and engagements and see if there are Microsoft software-based solutions that can be put to work for you and your clients.

  3. Reshape business processes to uncover efficiencies and spur innovation.
    Your organization can use AI to streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks and processes – all of which help you save time and money. AI can position your organization to develop creative solutions that get you ready for the future.

    Our team will take the time to get to know you and your business and explore where AI or other Microsoft Dynamics solutions could help.

  4. Differentiated AI offerings across industries.
    AI is not just for large corporations or technology companies. It’s a tool and a way of doing business that can be put to work for any organization, of any size and in any industry.

    Joesoftware works with organizations in a wide range of industries and sectors, and we specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. We can help you find the solution or path that is right-sized for you.

Still wondering how AI could help you plan and prepare for the future? Joesoftware is ready to be a part of that conversation and help you map your AI road ahead.