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How an ERP system like Business Central can positively impact your operations

An ERP system brings together all of the key elements of your organization into one system. With everything under one roof, improved efficiency, greater productivity, and smart decision-making can happen.

A Microsoft ERP system like Business Central can help you break down the barriers between your front office and your back of house while focusing on today’s business priorities and your goals for the future.

Where will a Dynamics 365 ERP will deliver impact?

A modern ERP solution like Business Central will help your finance and operations teams work smarter. Business Central Finance offers dashboards and AI-driven insights that give you an overview of your financial position and the ability to tap into real-time information, anytime and anywhere.

Where an ERP has real impact is automating manual financial tasks and entries, saving your organization time and empowering employees to focus on other responsibilities. It is the tool that helps you assess the financial health of your business, improve financial controls, drive efficiency, and fuel growth.

With an ERP like Dynamic 365 Business Central Manufacturing, you gain greater insight into your inventory and you can automate complex manufacturing processes. The increased capabilities it provides leads to improvements in production, supply chain management, and ultimately greater control over your manufacturing operations.

It will also allow you to connect data from various parts of your organization to your manufacturing, giving you a better understanding of the demand for your products and your capacity to deliver. 

Supply chain
Business Central Supply Chain will automate your supply chain processes and give  you insights into your inventory and your business. It can be the ideal solution for distributors, wholesalers, and companies that need to manage customers, suppliers, and inventory. If your company is still manually entering information and trying to track inventory in your warehouse, an ERP can save you time and money.

Human resources and payroll
ERPs like Business Central enable your organization to perform routine human resources tasks like payroll, hiring, and other duties. Joesoftware offers an integrated Canadian payroll solution for Business Central that allows you to run and post pay periods, better understand how your payroll impacts profitability, and can be customized to fit with your accounting, payroll, and Canadian government requirements.

In our next blog post, we will share the four signs that suggest your business needs to consider an ERP solution. In the meantime, if you want to explore whether a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is right for your organization, Joesoftware is ready to help.