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For manufacturers that need enhanced manufacturing and supply chain management capabilities

Business Central Manufacturing automates your manufacturing processes and delivers insights that will optimize your inventory and resources.

You’ll have full oversight of your inventory – from when an order is placed, produced, fulfilled and paid for – giving you greater control over your manufacturing operations. You can automate replenishment processes with vendors and forecast future demand. By connecting data from other parts of your organization to your manufacturing, you will better understand demand for your products and your capacity to deliver.

What Business Central Manufacturing can do for you

Assembly Management

Gain the power to specify the raw materials, sub-assemblies and resources in an assembly bill of materials, and capture requirements from sales quotes, blanket orders and order lines.

Production Bill of Materials

Create a bill of materials for your operation and calculate their standard costs. You can make revisions and track different versions, knowing which components are valid for specific times and batches.

Production Orders

Create production orders and the post consumption and output on the production orders, allowing you to calculate the net requirements for an order.

Capacity Planning

Add work centers or machine centers, setting up routings for production orders and for planning your material requirements. You can also view loads and task lists for each work or machine center.

Finite Loading

Manage the finite loading of your resources by taking into account capacity constraints, allowing you to assign work only to areas that have the capacity to deliver, ensuring you never overload a work center.

Machine Centers

Add machine centers and receive detailed intelligence for each center and collectively for all machine centers. Optimize operations by pulling in critical data such as setup, wait and move times.

Supply Planning

Plan your material requirements based on demand with master production scheduling. You can also view loads and task lists for each work center.

Demand Forecasting

Optimize your production by inputting sales forecasts to generate the expected demand for your products on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Sales & Inventory Forecasting

The Sales and Inventory Forecast extension for Business Central Manufacturing will give you greater insight into potential sales and when demand for a product could exceed your current inventory.

Put Joesoftware and Business Central Manufacturing to work

Your manufacturing operation is complex. At Joesoftware, we take the time to understand your business before we customize and implement Business Central Manufacturing. We have experience working with manufacturers in a wide range of sectors. No matter what your industry, we’re ready to dive in and put Business Central to work for you.

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