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Job Costing for Your Needs

In a job-orientated industry, job costing is critical to maximizing profitability. Access to accurate, real-time and detailed data ensures that jobs can be viewed comprehensively. Depending on your business requirements, job costing can be accessed directly through Dynamics GP or through partner products which are fully integrated with Dynamics GP.

Manufacturing Job Costing

Built directly into Dynamics GP, manufacturing job costing allows companies to track labor, equipment usage, materials, overhead and shipping, provides detailed views of transactions with deep cost insights on a per job basis.  Other benefits include:ManufacturingPDF

  • Job Link Maintenance
  • Automatic Application of Costs
  • Variance Analysis
  • Revenue and Expense Coding

Construction Job Costing

Tracking and managing project costs is a critical function in any type of construction project.  Profitability of projects is highly dependent on the ability to track time, equipment, tools and subcontractors. Construction job costing allows for project budgeting and tracking in real time, and also enables change orders and on-time invoicing.  Other benefits include:key2act-job-costing-download-pdf-final

  • Billing at project or job levels
  • Percentage of completion reporting and other KPI’s
  • Accurate payroll, union and compliance reporting
  • Managing general ledger with current labour

If you are using Dynamics GP or are considering it for your job costing needs, it is important to choose the right solution and have it implemented properly.  Joesoftware has the experience and resources to get your company set up right, so contact us and let us help you evaluate and select the solution that best meets your business needs.